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DIM THE LIGHTS: An Introduction

you see, I'm an avid lover of live music... and a pack-rat (I blame my parents!). with each show I attended over the past 10 years or so, I've saved something tangible from it, be it setlists, CDs, photos... or tickets. I have this sizable plastic jar that holds tickets and random small pamphlets from past events and it's a priceless collection of memories.

so here's something I've thought abt doing for some time now. whenever the mood strikes, I'll randomly pick out a ticket or whatever from this massive batch and go to town w/ it and write abt my experiences w/ that event. this project has the potential to be incredibly self-serving... but that's alright b/c this is my blog!

but seriously, if you have add'l things to add abt seeing a particular band live, a similar experience w/ another band, or something interesting from the same event (!), please feel free and contribute.