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DIM THE LIGHTS: Hot Hot Heat - 2005/03/13

possible setlist: No, Not Now/ Island of the Honest Man/ Change Change Change/ Get In or Get Out/ Dirty Mouth/ Talk to Me, Dance With Me/ Middle of Nowhere/ Le Le Low/ You Owe Me and IOU/ Jingle Jangle/ Oh, Goddamnit/ Naked In the City Again/ Elevator/ This Town/ Goodnight Goodnight/ Save Us S.O.S./ Bandages

my second time seeing Hot Hot Heat probably put the nail in the coffin w/ them. I saw them tour for their first record, Make Up the Breakdown, and was left a little unsatisfied. I was hoping to get a little more w/ a new live set and a new record. things didn't pan out that way, exactly. this show was more-or-less memorable b/c I spent the majority of it watching the crowd from the side of the venue @ the bar due to my girlfriend @ the time (now wife!). she recently had foot surgery and was accompanied w/ crutches and couldn't get into the crowd as much as we both would've preferred.

regardless of where we were for the show, I don't feel it would've mattered. we realized that maybe we were past the Robert Smith-esque whinings of Steven Bays and the teens there were in strong representation @ this all ages show. maybe we were a bit out of place in our liking of this band as it seemed we were missing something. HHH's first record was fun and possibly a novelty in a career that could've moved more towards darker, more full music. instead it appears that they chose to ride the wave of that first record and retread the same water that got them big enough to play venues like The Loft. I haven't followed the band since and I'm not even sure what they are up to these days... if they are still around, satiating the teens of the world.