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the jury is forever out

chalk up another reason why i will never understand this band or the pull that they have...

FYI for the music lovers- Kings of Leon will be performing at Philips Arena in Oct. Tickets go on sale June 6.

i've seen KOL roughly twice in my day, Coachella 2007 (while waiting for Arcade Fire, mind you) and last year's All Points West festival. i've heard a few songs by them, enough that i feel i have a general grasp of their representative sound and aesthetic. yet, i just. don't. get. it. i'm sure that people can say the same thing about a band that i like. but the whole thing with KOL having some sort of popularity at all baffles my mind. do i really need to go into this any more than i should? (the answer to that is probably "yes!" from those who will somehow buy tickets and inevitably sell out that show and probably necessitate a week-long residency @ Philips, but whatevs.)


Fixation Focus: White Rabbits

among the albums that I'm slowly getting more and more into, i'm continually returning to White Rabbits' second LP, It's Frightening. like most people, i thought their last LP, Fort Nightly, had its high moments (I'm thinking of "The Plot"), but it wasn't that thorough of a record. with their most recent effort, the high moments aren't there, but it's a record that doesn't fall flat at any moment. it certainly helps to have Spoon's Britt Daniel manning the boards and producing the record. definitely one of my top records of the year, for sure.

and this video makes me yearn for some live White Rabbits. come to ATL, pls!



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you know you're an absolute geek if you get slightly misty-eyed (only to be immediately followed with a smile) when there's an interview posted of a crucial figure of the online Smashing Pumpkins community.

and maybe that's brought to a whole other level when you actually take time to blog about it. :)

howevs, i'm finding a rush of emotions as i'm going through the quick reading of an interview with the great Eric Agnew on  Agnew (or 34, to the l33t) more-or-less started the Smashing Pumpkins' fan presence on the web back in the mid-90s.  i remember spending hours on Luna back in the day, learning as much as i could about the band that consumed my life during that period of time.  i guess that maybe this would be the equivalent of THE DENT for Tori Amos fans.

reading something like this is like going through an old shoebox, filled with clippings and pictures of your past.  if you even care at all, these links are for your enjoyment.  try to relate (if you dare)!

Smashing Pumpkins:


hell yeah!


abt to conquer my fear!

greetings from Orange Beach!


slow yr roll!


ya damned right it is!


destination weekend!

DSCF2446.JPG, originally uploaded by robbie dee.

with less than 24 hours to go, i am thrilled to say that i cannot wait for a return trip to the lovely shores of Orange Beach, AL! imagining a weekend of beaches, drinking, canasta, and, most of all, RELAXATION couldn't be better... and that's exactly what i plan on doing. time away from work and home will be well spent. i guess y'all can expect some pics in the coming days! have a great memorial day weekend!


spotted arm!


promote ATL music!

i have yet to see it (but i plan on doing such eventually), but here's a full-length documentary on the "scuzzy" ATL music scene, including acts like deerhunter, black lips, the selmanaires, mastodon, the coathangers, etc.

here's your link to p*fork, b/c embedding yielded too much noticeable code:


fireworks in GA? oh yes!



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