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it's that time of season... finally!

once again, I'm torturing myself by taking part in two fantasy hockey leagues for the upcoming season. last year, it worked out as I finished first in a points league (first points league EVAR) and second in our friendly league. I don't see anywhere but to improve for this upcoming season! :D here's the lineup that was auto-drafted today for our friendly league.

and here's the lineup I drafted the other nite... IT IS MASSIVE!

ideally, I would've loved to have my two faves on the same team (Getslaf and Savard), but to have one in each league, I'm certainly not complaining. in the random league I just joined, I'm heavy w/ Thrashers and we'll see how that pans out... and that goalie situation, as well. and in all honesty, I'm thrilled w/ how the auto-draft worked out for the friendly league. I guess it pays to make a rankings list w/ about 60 players, exclude the obvious (i.e. Hossa, Gaborik [even these two worked marvels for me a few seasons back], Heatley, etc.) b/c I have a team that I'm completely satisfied w/.

I just love fantasy hockey! LESS THAN A WEEK FROM THE SEASON OMG OMG OMG!!!